What is a case worth?

Accident victims have a right to know the compensation they are entitled to, and our civil justice system is designed to compensate people financially. That means determining how to quantify damages and injuries that may not be susceptible to a precise mathematical calculation.

Another consideration is a defendant’s ability to pay. A paper judgment is only as good as the ability to collect on the amount owed.

Our attorneys have experience not only evaluating and quantifying damages, but also identifying and locating responsible parties with the ability to fairly compensate our injured client.

For example, in Oklahoma and Colorado, at fault drivers are only required to carry $25,000 in coverage for an auto accident.

However, an injured party with damages and injuries that exceed the minimum coverage can often collect against other policies, like uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

The coverage provided by these policies is often elusive and extends beyond the person paying the premium.

In other words, an injured party who is not paying the premium for coverage, may nevertheless be entitled to policy benefits.

While the availability of other coverage is most frequently an issue in automobile accidents, our attorneys are always looking for ways to obtain fair and adequate compensation for our clients.

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