5 Things Victims of Excessive Force Should Do

If you’re the victim of excessive force, and you want to hold the person responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions, here’s a list of five things you should do immediately afterwards:  Get immediate medical attention for your injuries Before doing anything, the victim of excessive force should have their injuries evaluated by a…


Police not entitled to last word in wrongful death cases

In wrongful death cases where police kill the only witness who could contradict their version of events, is the court required to accept the testimony of the police? The issue is not uncommon in excessive force cases that result in the death of the only person involved in the police-citizen encounter. But witness testimony is not the only evidence available…


Federal Appeals Court: Tasers are not a short-cut

Use of force events do not occur in a vacuum; they are generally governed by department policies that contain a use of force “spectrum” which define increasing levels of force, and the circumstances that justify moving from one level to the next. The spectrum typically ranges from no-force measures like “officer presence” up to the…