The lying meter maid, its not a federal case

Is lying to police about a driver’s conduct fairly attributable to employment duties as a parking enforcement officer? The Tenth Circuit was recently called upon to answer this question. In Schaffer v. Salt Lake City Corp., Diana Schaffer parallel parked in a no parking zone and ticketed by two parking enforcement officers. When Schaffer returned, the officers…


DUI conviction: Can I seal my court record?

DUI files are public records. Employers, co-workers, landlords, and friends can find records of a DUI conviction through simple searches or through more expensive backgrounds checks. But is there a way to seal those records? In Ober v. Okla. Dept. of Public Safety, (issued Jan. 5, 2016) the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals affirmed its strong preference…


Is a bartender responsible for over-serving you?

Does a bartender at a commercial business have any responsibility when serving alcohol? The answer is generally, yes. Under Oklahoma’s dram shop laws– laws governing bars that serve alcohol– a bartender who over-serves a visibly intoxicated patron can be held criminally liable, but, as discussed in greater detail below, there are several factors that make proving…


Boating DUI bill passes House

The Oklahoma state House of Representatives has passed a bill to strengthen the penalties for boating while intoxicated. This firm previously covered the problems with Oklahoma’s boating while intoxicated laws. You can access that coverage here. House bill 1714 imposes new restrictions that compel the suspension of a person’s driver’s license. For a first offense,…


Do I have to show my ID to police?

Citizen-police encounters often begin with an officer asking for identification. People generally provide this information without questioning the legitimacy of the request. In circumstances where a citizen does question the officer, a typical response is generally, “because I’m a police officer,” or “because I said so.” But what if the officer is wrong? What if…