Is there liability for animals running at large?

A fatality accident involving a horse running at-large could result in liability for the owner. According to reports, Robert Green of Westville was traveling southbound on Highway 59 when his motorcycle struck a horse in the center of the road. Under Oklahoma law, owners domestic animals, including horses and cows, can be liable when those…


Does Failure to Yield Result in Liability?

According to reports, Jeremy Lawson, 19, of Alexander, AR was killed yesterday when a garbage truck failed to yield at an intersection. Lawson was reportedly driving a motorcycle on state highway 412 when a garbage truck turned in front of him causing Lawson and his passenger to collide with the truck. By law, traffic entering…


Can a Police Officer Make You Do Push-Ups?

A Tulsa jury has rejected allegations of police misconduct against two Tulsa police officers and concluded that they did not violate the civil rights of a motorist who was stopped and allegedly forced to do push-ups.  More here. According to Brian Lumpkin, Tulsa police officers James Bohanon and Kevin Warne stopped his car, placed him…


Are 911 Calls Available Under the Oklahoma Open Records Act?

The Tulsa World is reporting that the City of Tulsa is now denying requests for audio recordings of 911 calls.  According to the World, Despite having released at least seven 911 recordings since 2010, the city recently denied a Tulsa World request for recordings of two calls made to Tulsa police following a state trooper-involved…


Did the City of Tulsa Violate the First Amendment?

Did Tulsa city attorney David O’Meilia and City councilor David Patrick violate the First Amendment when they prevented Mike Workman from speaking during last Thursday’s city council meeting?  An editorial in today’s Tulsa World describes what happened: Mike Workman, a regular at council meetings and an announced candidate for state labor commissioner, had asked to…


Can I Get a DUI if I Refuse a Breathalyzer?

The short answer is yes.  A frequent misconception is that refusing to take a breathalyzer will prevent the police or law enforcement from arresting you for DUI, or alternatively, prevent the district attorney’s office from charging you with a DUI.  Not only can the police arrest you without results from a breathalyzer, refusing the test…


City of Tulsa Settles Pregnancy Discrimination Suit

The City of Tulsa has settled a pregnancy discrimination case filed by a former employee in the public works department.  In 2011, the City of Tulsa hired Qamar Herd three weeks before her scheduled delivery, but when Herd requested four days of maternity leave, the City denied her request and terminated her employment for failing…