Woman Arrested for Negligent Homicide in Motorcycle Accident

Tulsa police have arrested a Neva Whiteman for causing the death of Zachery Edens. Edens was riding his motorcycle when Whiteman turned left in front of him causing the accident. According to reports, Edens tried to avoid the collision by laying his motorcycle down, but he was unable to avoid the accident with Whiteman. Edens…


Can I Get a DUI if I’m Not Driving?

The Ottawa County District Attorney recently charged a Tribal Marshal for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) after deputies discovered him passed out in the back seat of his patrol car. The district attorney based the DUI charge on facts that did not indicate the Marshal was driving. According to reports, deputies discovered the Marshal in…


Ban on Texting While Driving May Decrease Accidents

The Oklahoma Legislature is considering a bill that would specifically prohibit drivers from texting while driving. Under the current law, Oklahoma prohibits distracted driving in general, but there is no law that specifically targets texting while driving. According to a report in the Tulsa World, Oklahoma is one of only 11 states without some type…