Qamar Herd

I never thought I could completely trust a lawyer. Mr. Bryan and Mr. Terrill made me feel 100 percent confident in their judgment and ability to represent me as their client. I could depend on them to be completely honest with me. I never felt like I was being strung along or manipulated. They had so much compassion towards me and my case. Everything that they did was to help me resolve all of my concerns.

Their education alone is impressive, but the type of men they are is what makes their practice so unique. I was always fearful of hiring a lawyer because they are stereotyped to be self-involved money grubbing vipers that worry more about billable hours than their client. These two men couldn’t be further from that. They are kind, intelligent, well spoken and honorable. They will be vigilant in making sure that their client’s cases are fought with every resource available, research all past cases to see what applies to yours and consult experts for testimony.

After being discriminated against it is hard to trust anyone again, but put your faith in Bryan & Terrill. You won’t be disappointed.