Polaris Ranger ATV Involved in Rollover Accident

The Muskogee Phoenix is reporting on a rollover accident involving a Polaris Ranger ATV.  The accident occurred on Sunday afternoon on private property just east of Fort Gibson and caused injuries to the three teenage passengers.  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol performed a preliminary investigation and concluded the operator was driving too fast for conditions.

One version of the Polaris Ranger has been on the market now for approximately two years without any noted trend involving design defects that indicate a tendency to cause a rollover accidents.  That said, the sample size of two years may be too small to render a definitive conclusion about the design safety of the Polaris Ranger.  The Polaris Ranger has a low center-of-gravity which resists rollovers, but it is also relatively light which can make it more prone to tipping and rollovers. If you have been injured in a car accident in Tulsa, contact Bryan & Terrill Law today.

Muskogee Phoenix:  Three teens hurt in four-wheeler wreck