OSBI To Investigate Apparent Jail Suicide

A Mangum man awaiting trial on first degree rape charges has apparently committed suicide in the Jackson County Jail.

Trent Davis was found March 22 at 5:45 p.m. hanging from a sock tied to the cell’s ventiliation duct. According to a report by NewsOK, Sheriff Levi k could not state when Davis committed suicide because he was in a cell by himself and the cell was not fully visible from the jail’s surveillance system. Story here:
Mangum Man Found Dead In Jackson County Jail.

The Oklahoma Jail Standards require jailers to perform hourly site checks, even when a person is not considered a suicide risk, and the Jail Standards further require direct supervision or video monitoring of inmates.

Given these obligations, it is not clear why Sheriff Levi k cannot identity with greater specificity when Mr. Davis commenced his act of self-destruction, but his comments do suggest that the surveillance system may be inadequate to properly supervise inmates at the Jackson County Jail.