Nowata Sheriff, Undersheriff, and Jail Administrator all resign

According to reports, Sheriff Rick Miller, the Undersheriff, and the Jail Administrator have all turned in their resignations.

The resignations are surprising given the relative importance of the three positions, both individually and collectively.

In most counties, the Board of County Commissioners relies on the Jail Administrator to keep it apprised of jail operations, including use of force incidents, population levels, and medical care.

The Undersheriff is the person who assumes the role of the Sheriff in his absence, but in this case, both the Undersheriff and the Sheriff resigned within a week of each other. This leaves the county without its top two law enforcement officers.

Without a Sheriff or Undersheriff, the question must be asked: who is running the Nowata County Sheriff’s Office, and how much experience do they have?

While explanations were given for each resignation, the sheer number and timing may leave citizens wondering if there is something the county has yet to disclose.

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