Jail assault raises security questions

Reports from the Silverdale jail in Hamilton County, Tenessee indicate the facility experienced a disturbance resulting in multiple injuries on Saturday, March 24th. Article here.

According to officials, several inmates were involved in an incident of inmate-on-inmate violence that resulted in at least two inmates sustaining injuries that required transport for outside medical care.

Inmate-on-inmate violence is a condition of confinement that can arise from a variety of circumstances, including understaffing, inadequate supervision, or a failure to properly classify the population.

Instances of inmate-on-inmate violence are often preventable, and frequently expose the facility operator to liability if inmate safety was sacrificed to increase profit margins.

This is particularly true with for-profit operators like CoreCivic, which runs the Silverdale jail.

If you have questions about inmate-on-inmate violence, or whether jail conditions were unlawful, contact the attorneys at Bryan & Terrill, 918-935-2777.