Dog Attacks and Owner Liability

dog attackA pit bull attacked two Tulsa women this week causing serious injuries. Reports indicate that a pit bull attacked Irene Parker and Beverly Wright when its owner opened the front door.

Authorities say the two were leaving religious literature at homes in the area when the dog attacked. A man working nearby who heard their screams shot and killed the dog, which is now being tested for rabies.

Tulsa animal welfare officials will decide whether to ask for charges against the owner, whose name hasn’t been released.

Animal attacks can result in serious injury or death. Owners harboring any type of animal should take steps to ensure that it cannot escape the residence.

If a dog or other animal escapes the home and causes injury to another person, the owner could be liable for the injuries and resulting medical bills.

Although some homeowner’s insurance policies may provide coverage for injuries caused by the owner’s dog or pet, questions may arise about the scope or amount of coverage available, and in some cases, the insurance company may attempt to deny coverage or accuse the victim of provoking the attack.

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