Car accident claims lives of two Jenks girls

News outlets are reporting that two Jenks girls died in a motor vehicle accident in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Article here.

According to reports, a truck carrying the girls was attempting to make a lefthand turn when a car broadsided the vehicle killing the two young girls.

Motor vehicle accident death

In 2016, 683 people died in auto accidents on Oklahoma roads.

As a subset of auto accidents generally, fatality accidents present unique problems for families and survivors. If you were in a car wreck, contact a Tulsa car wreck attorney today at Bryan & Terrill Law.

Is someone responsible? And who?

When it comes to fatality auto accidents, the answer is not always clear.

While the driver of the other car is an obvious suspect, other conditions may identify causes that are not readily apparent.

It is not uncommon to identify culpable parties who were not even at the scene.

From governmental entites that failed to correct a dangerous condition, to contractors who took short-cuts working a government contract, identifying responsible parties to a fatality auto accident requires an understanding of surface-level facts and how they combined with existing conditions to create an unreasonably dangerous situation.

Another primary focus is the automobile manufacturer.

As car manufacturers employ increasingly sophisticated technology, the consumer is potentially victimized by a rush to market technology that isn’t road ready.

Who can file suit?

Following an accident, its not always clear who has the right to bring or negotiate a claim.

Is it the child? Parents? A spouse? The answer depends largely on the heirs and whether the decedent left a will.

If there’s a will, it might name an administrator. If there was no will, a court can make the appointment.

If there are multiple people who may serve as an administrator, appointment can lead to confusion about the duties, rights, and responsibilities of the heirs.

Without proper legal advice, people can develop mistaken beliefs about control over the claim, and how any potential disbursement is allocated.

To avoid these issues, it is preferable to retain counsel early on to advise everyone of their role.

Wrongful death litigation arising from an auto accident can raise a host of complicated issues.

Given the potential complexity, families suffering a loss from a fatality auto accident are well served in consulting with an attorney.

Consulting with the top-rated injury attorneys at Bryan & Terrill is complimentary at no cost to the family.

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