You Slipped You Fell do you have a Lawsuit

It is a fairly common thing for people to have an accident where they fall. It may be a matter of not paying attention or being simply a clumsy person. Also, there is the possibility of negligence that caused the accident.

Countless people who have an accident that causes them to fall will seek legal counsel, believing they may have a lawsuit. However, there are a variety of standards that must be met; certain guidelines that determine if the lawsuit is legitimate. Anyone that finds themselves on the falling end of an accident should have an understanding about those guidelines and whether or not there is a need to hire an attorney.

The Purpose of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The purpose of such a lawsuit is for the injured to receive compensation that may be deserved. The first thing the injured person needs to do is find a personal injury lawyer that offers a free consultation. They will listen to your side of the story and determine if you have a slip and fall case or not. The compensation is for any pain and suffering, medical bills, missed work and day-to-day living expenses, within reason, that can’t be paid for while off work.

What is Slip and Fall?

Slip and fall can happen on poorly maintained surfaces. This can be a weak or wet floor or a sidewalk and steps that are covered in ice. Even leaving something out that is a tripping hazard may be grounds for a personal injury law suit.

The law sees these cases as the business owner or homeowner should be aware of a dangerous situation and have either repaired it or made the area inaccessible. The personal injury lawyer will inquire about the situation and may request to go take pictures of the area and study the scene.

Not All Slip and Fall are Eligible for a Lawsuit

If a business or homeowner has blockage or signage that is warning of a bad condition and you walk over it anyway, you most likely will not have a legitimate case. If you were intoxicated and fell, that can damage you chances as well.  Finding an experienced lawyer to review your case is the best thing to do.