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The elder abuse lawyers at Bryan & Terrill Law can help families understand and pursue nursing home lawsuits. If a resident suffers an injury, or wrongfully dies because of a breach of duty on the nursing home’s part, the home could be liable for subsequent damages. Elder abuse is a terrible crime that affects more people than you may realize. Reporting of elder abuse has historically been much lower than actual instances. Vulnerable senior citizens may not be physically or mentally able to report abuse, or they may have conditions such as dementia that prevent them from understanding what is happening. Others may feel too embarrassed or ashamed to report abuse, or afraid that no one will believe them.

Whatever the case, elder abuse remains widely underreported. It is often up to family members to notice signs of elder abuse and take action. The lawyers at Bryan & Terrill Law are here for families in these terrible circumstances. If you suspect that a Tulsa nursing home or other facility is neglecting or abusing your elderly loved one, report your suspicions to authorities right away.

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What Is Elder Abuse?

It can be difficult to imagine that there are people in the world who take advantage of the elderly population. Sadly, criminals and assailants target the elderly because they are mostly unable to defend themselves. Senior citizens often become victims of physical, financial, mental, and sexual abuse around the country. Often, abusers are trusted caretakers, nursing home employees, friends, or even family members. Learning about types of abuse and their possible signs can help detect and stop elder abuse:

As soon as you suspect elder abuse, contact the authorities at the nursing home, or the police, depending on the circumstances. If the facility does nothing to investigate or remedy the situation, involve the police. If you believe your loved one is in immediate danger, remove him or her from the facility. Get your loved one medical help for any physical injuries, and then call our attorneys. A team of elder abuse lawyers can investigate the situation and bring civil lawsuits against the offending party and/or the facility. A civil suit can shed light on this injustice, and result in financial compensation for your loved one’s damages. Contact us today for more details.

Nursing Home Neglect in Oklahoma

Assigning liability for your elderly loved one’s recent injuries or death may require an investigation into the nursing home. The team of nursing home abuse lawyers at Bryan & Terrill Law have the resources to carry out investigations and help clients identify the rightful defendant(s). If we think your case has merit, we can help you file a claim and fight for just compensation for you or your loved one’s harms. Get in touch for a consultation.

Nursing homes are often excellent choices for senior citizens who require specialized care, or who can no longer live safely on their own. Nursing home facilities in Oklahoma can provide a comfortable place for the elderly to live out the rest of their lives. Some nursing homes, however, don’t take their duties to residents seriously. At Bryan & Terrill Law, a nursing home abuse attorney will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. We work to protect your interest, we offer free consultations – call today.

Liability for Actions of Nursing Home Employees

Nursing homes are vicariously liable for the actions of their employees and staff members. If a staff member causes a senior citizen’s harms through abuse or neglect, the injured party and/or family members could sue the individual and the facility for damages. It is the nursing home’s responsibility to engage in safe hiring, training, and retention procedures. Even if the nursing home does everything correctly, however, it will still be liable for actions employees take in a work-related capacity.

A third party could also be liable for nursing home accidents and injuries. This might be the case if something other than the nursing home or a staff member caused or contributed to the injury. For example, if a machine that administers medication malfunctions and causes a fatal overdose, the manufacturer of the machine may be liable for wrongful death. Defendants in a nursing home accident case may include an outside contractor, manufacturer, or individual unrelated to the nursing home.

Nursing Home Responsibilities

By law, nursing homes must protect residents’ physical, emotional, and psychosocial well-being. Homes must provide medical care, nutritious food, and social activities to residents. Federal and state laws exist to regulate nursing homes, extended living facilities, and similar establishments. Breaking these laws can easily result in resident harm or death. If any of the following happen on a nursing home’s premises, the nursing home will likely be liable:

These are common resident harms that often stem from nursing home negligence. “Negligence” refers to any action or failure to act that goes against the accepted standards of care in the nursing home industry or for the circumstances. Nursing homes in Oklahoma must maintain certain standards of resident care, facility sanitation, and staff training. Negligence of any kind could be grounds for a nursing home abuse lawsuit if it causes harm to the resident. For more information about the steps to take if abuse in the nursing home is suspected, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer right away at Bryan & Terrill Law.