Oklahoma College/University Sexual Assault Attorney

As the victim of college sexual assault, you have rights. We understand you may feel alone, but it’s important to remember you are not and there are many ways to fight back! Meet with the lawyers at Bryan & Terrill Law to explore them.

College is a place of higher education and personal growth. College students should be able to focus on their studies, not worrying about sexual assault. Unfortunately, around one in five women experience attempted or actual sexual assault during their college years. Studies show that men disproportionally rape college women compared to the general population. College men can also be victims – more than 6% of men in one study reported attempted or completed sexual assault in college. It’s time we join together and fight back against sexual assault.

Preventing Sexual Assault in College

With thousands of men and women coming forward with allegations of sexual assault in college from peers, staff, and strangers every year, it is clear that college sexual assault is a pervasive problem that isn’t disappearing on its own. It is up to a college or university to reasonably prevent sexual assault with policies and procedures aimed to improve student safety. These measures may include:

Colleges that negligently fail to plan for and implement sexual assault prevention strategies may be liable for subsequent incidents. If a judge believes that a reasonable and prudent establishment would have prevented the sexual assault in some way that the college in question did not, the establishment may be guilty of negligence. In these cases, the sexual assault victim could be eligible for compensation for physical, emotional, and financial damages relating to the assault.

Bringing a Claim for College Sexual Assault

Victims of sexual assault at college have the right not only to report the incident to the school, but also to receive protections from campus and to pursue a legal claim. While the city may prosecute the offender during a criminal lawsuit, the victim can file a civil lawsuit with the goal of obtaining financial recovery for real damages. Defendants in civil lawsuits for college sexual assault may include the person who committed the assault, the college or university where the assault occurred, and bystanders who witnessed the assault.

There are federal and state laws regarding sexual assault on campus. Title IX is a federal law that prohibits sexual discrimination in education, including sexual harassment and sexual violence. Oklahoma also has statewide rules regarding sexual discrimination at school and in the workplace. Learn your rights by speaking to an attorney at Bryan & Terrill Law. We offer confidential consultations to sexual assault victims, so they can discuss their legal options with a professional.

Bringing a lawsuit with our help can shed light on sexual violence on your Oklahoma campus. This action can hold the perpetrator responsible for his or her wrongdoings, and potentially lead to changes at the school to prevent future such incidents. Filing a suit may also result in payment for your physical, emotional, and financial damages as an assault victim. To learn more, call us at (918) 935-2777 or reach out to us online.