Oklahoma Brain Injury Attorney

Physicians call traumatic brain injury (TBI) the “silent killer.” While some head injuries will produce externally visible signs, such as puncture wounds or bruising, damage to the brain will only show up via symptoms and medical scans. Someone may sustain a TBI in a car accident or sports incident, and not realize they have a brain injury until hours or days later. If you or a loved one has sustained a life altering brain injury, call a traumatic brain injury attorney today at Bryan & Terrill Law.  Our lawyers understand the complexity of these cases and will fight to get you the compensation you and your family deserve.

It is imperative to visit a hospital after the head sustains any kind of impact or trauma to diagnose a TBI and seek prompt treatment. TBIs can have lifelong effects on victims. If a doctor has diagnosed you or your loved one with this injury after an accident, contact one of Oklahoma’s best personal injury lawyers, Bryan & Terrill Law. You may be eligible for significant compensation.

Financial Recovery for a TBI Victims

Most traumatic brain injuries cost victims thousands in medical costs and lost wages. TBI victims may require extended hospital stays, significant treatment, medications, medical equipment, and rehabilitative therapies. During recovery, most victims cannot return to work. Some may lose the physical or cognitive abilities to ever go back to work. Severe TBIs can be disabling, and often result in lifelong impairment and ongoing medical treatment.

On top of the economic damages of a TBI, victims suffer through a great deal of emotional pain. TBIs can interfere with speech, cognitive ability, motor skills, emotions, memory, and more. Living with a TBI can be a constant strain on the victim’s mental and emotional health. In Oklahoma, TBI victims have the right to pursue compensation for economic and non-economic damages, if their injuries resulted from someone else’s negligence. This might be the case if a distracted driver, negligent employer, defective product, or other such party caused the TBI. Let a dedicated traumatic brain injury attorney at Bryan & Terrill Law represent you and your family during this tough time.

If someone is guilty of negligence or another wrongdoing that caused someone else’s traumatic brain injury, the victim could receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Permanent injuries can result in financial recovery for a lifetime of costs. To learn more about your potential personal injury claim for a TBI, talk to the experienced lawyers at Bryan & Terrill Law. Contact us online or call (918) 935-2777.

About Traumatic Brain Injuries

TBIs are significant injuries that affect thousands of people every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 282,000 TBI-related hospitalizations and 56,000 related deaths in a single year. TBIs affect everyone differently. Some may suffer from immediate symptoms, such as nausea, headache, or seizures. Others may not notice a difference right away, but start exhibiting symptoms later. The more serious the injury, the more drastic the effects are. TBIs can occur after a blow or jolt to the head, or from a penetrating head injury. Accidents that are common precursors to TBIs include:

TBIs can range from “mild” to “severe.” A mild TBI can result in a brief change in mental activity, while a severe TBI can cause extended unconsciousness, coma, or death. The list of potential symptoms is long and varied. A severe TBI is a catastrophic injury, or one that can affect a victim permanently. Brain injuries can affect every aspect of life. They can affect a victim’s physical, cognitive, mental, and emotional states. Some TBIs are permanently debilitating – if this is the case, discuss with a TBI lawyer about your next steps immediately.