No Longer Just an Oil Town

After the economy went south in the oil business, this town that was once dependent on that industry didn’t die up and turn into a ghost town. It diversified and survived. It has businesses in just about every industry you can imagine.Aviation, telecommunication and technology are some of the biggest and they have found an economic footing with all the natural water offered here, as well. The Tulsa Port of Catoosa is the most inland river port in America and has access to international waterways, as well.

With Oral Roberts University and University of Tulsa situated here, this town has contributed to the educational advancement of many. Not to mention there is also a NCAA Division I level trophy to be found, too.  However, it’s not all about education and work in Tulsa.

Nightlife is Here

The Blue Dome is where you’ll find an active nightlife spot. Located in downtown Tulsa and situated in an old Gulf Oil Station from the 1920s, the iconic building named for the District, is one of the most unique buildings you’ll ever see.

Or, stop by Arnie’s Bar and McNellie’s Public House for a cold brew to wind down a busy day. If you’re looking for something a little more “classy,” Tulsa has that, too, with the Juniper Restaurant and Martini Lounge.  Dinner at El Guapo’s Cantina will give you a view of T-Town from the rooftop that you won’t believe.

Just like Austin, Texas, they have their share of indie boutiques, too, at the Dwelling Spaces, located in the Blue Dome District, of course. Here you’ll find products made by local artists, so they’re keeping it all at home. From books and jewelry made by artisans, to T-shirts and just about anything else you wouldn’t think of. Don’t forget to stop by Joebot’s Coffee Bar , too.

Weather Alert!

Yeah, some see it as a downside to Tulsa.  A city smack dab in the middle of tornado alley. So yes, the weather keeps you looking at the sky some days, especially in the spring, but it’s all good. Why? Well, because Tulsa is also in the middle of Bible Country, too.