If You Cant Be in Austin or Indy Tulsa Has it All

Oklahoma’s second largest city is Tulsa, or T-Town as the locals call it. It used to be considered an oil town of roughnecks and the likely. Today though, with a population close to 400 thousand, making it the country’s 47th largest city, this town has much more to offer than just oil folks.

If you can’t be in Austin, Texas keeping it weird, then Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa is where you’ll find the best live music. They have it all – from blues to country and electronic to rock. And when you’ve got all the music you need for the night, head over to the Brady Theater. Situated in a building that housed vaudeville acts, it one of the coolest spots in town.

Need For Speed?

If racing is your thing and you can’t make it Daytona or Indy, the Tulsa Raceway Park is just as good. A national reputation just like the bigger name tracks and the racers love the quality surface on the track

Got the Munchies?

Just on the north side of Midtown, there is a quaint small district that has the cutest boutiques and cafes. On Cherry Street there is The Coffee House where many locals get their day started. They’ll end their day with dinner at Smoke. There you’ll find some of the best, juiciest steak you’ll ever taste.

Feeling Artistic?

In the same district as The Coffee House and Smoke, there is Pinot’s Palette. Joining the new craze of sipping wine while painting will wind up a day in Tulsa that will bring you back for more.

What More Can We Say?

This city is nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains which makes it a beautiful place to live. One trip here and you’ll see why it’s called “Green Country,”too.

T-Town has its fine arts with two art museums that are world renowned, and a full time ballet and opera. Yes sir, this little roughneck oil town has grown up and grown past what many people thought of it back in the day.