When To Hire an Attorney

It can be an emotional and financial stressful devastation when you are injured by someone else’s doing or neglect. Are you going to be able to work? If not, how will you pay your bills and care for your family and yourself? Not to mention how will you handle the medical expenses without your income?

This is when the services of a personal injury lawyer are needed. They will assist you in getting the proper compensation for your pain and suffering, including lost wages and having your medical expenses taken care of.   The question is, how can you know if the lawyer you find is the right one for your case?

What to Look For

First, any personal injury lawyer should offer you a free consultation. They will schedule appointments in their office, at your home and even in the hospital. During this consultation with a personal injury lawyer, there are pertinent questions to ask:

How much experience do you have in settlement and trial cases?

In most cases, personal injury lawyers try to settle out of court, meaning just an agreement between the two parties. However, if the two parties can’t agree on a settlement, either lawyer may file and request a trial before a jury. It is for this reason you want a lawyer that has experience in both.

Are personal injury cases all your practice handles?

The laws are detailed and vary in all matters.  So, a lawyer that handles bankruptcy wouldn’t be as knowledgeable about a personal injury case. Nor would a personal injury lawyer be the best choice for a malpractice suit. Regardless how experienced a lawyer is, choose one that is experienced in personal injury to get the best advice and representation possible.

What is your history in six-figure settlements and verdicts?

Normally, the negligent party is insured to cover any action of wrong doing. The insurer has sufficient financial resources which allow them to have legal representation to defend against any legal claims. You want to hire a lawyer that has a successful track record.

What is your policy of keeping me in communication?

A high level of success is important, but the attorney you choose should have a high level of customer service, too. You should be kept apprised of documents being drafted and filed. You should know what to expect in frequency of emails and phone calls that keep you updated on the status of your case. What kind of time frame should you expect in return calls when you leave a message and will it be your attorney or a staff member.

How much will the personal injury attorney’s staff be involved with your case?

You have to understand upfront that you aren’t the only client your attorney has. Therefore, they are not always available any time you call and may have a staff member return your call. This is much like calling you doctor and the nurse returns your call. Nevertheless, you should have the reassurance that your attorney will be in constant review and supervision of their staff before anything is filed or submitted to the

Your Attorney’s Responsibilities

There are many types of accidents that can happen and one accident is from negligence, which is called a personal injury. In such a case, there can be permanent damage or temporary damage.  In some instances, the injurer can be held responsible for those damages that were sustained by the victim, which means compensation could be owed to the victim.

Compensation can be for any medical expense, pain and suffering that the victim has, including loss of income.  Even family and friends of the victim may have the right to compensation, as well.

For the victim, it is recommended to use the services of an attorney that specializes in personal injury cases. The attorney takes on the responsibility of representing the victim in court and advises the injured about the procedure. The value an attorney can offer is immeasurable because they will know and understand the law.

One responsibility of the attorney is to assure their client receives justice in regards to compensation for any and all the damages that were sustained. The attorney will have limits within the laws but they should be dedicated to the victim with their best interest in focus.

When anyone experiences a personal injury that has caused them damage, permanent or temporary, they should immediately contact an attorney. The matter should be addressed right away so that there is no lapse in time that may give the judge or a jury reasonable doubt.