A Private Museum of Greatness Right Here in Tulsa

Thomas Gilcrease was an oilman that appreciated fine art and collected it for his own pleasure. In May of 1949, he took his collection and opened a private museum. It would later become property of the City of Tulsa Oklahoma with a combination of Mr. Gilcrease’s donation in 1955 and a bond issue that passed in 1954.The Institute of American History and Art – Gilcrease Museum, has been called one of this Nation’s best preservations and is studied when it comes to American art and history. A national treasure no doubt, but with a small town charm with some of the most beautiful collections of art.

Every year, thousands visit this museum that is set in the Osage hills and get a look at what life was like in the past. The comprehensive collection that Mr. Gilcrease built consists of American West art and artifacts, and there is also a collection that will never be surpassed of Native American art and artifacts. Adding to the interest are historical documents, manuscripts and maps, as well.

The City of Tulsa made a historic partnership with The University of Tulsa in 2008 that would not only preserve the famous collections of Thomas Gilcrease, but advance the museum further. This partnership put the University in steward position of the museum and the collection within.