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A last will and testament and a living will are legal documents that describe the fate of owned property, assets, and personal possessions after the owner’s death. A property owner has the power to name beneficiaries or heirs who will inherit owned assets (or to give assets to a company, charity, etc.). A will is a legally binding document that the courts will use to divide assets after death. Creating a valid will with help from an attorney can save your loved ones the trouble and expense of taking the estate to probate court. The lawyers at Bryan & Terrill Law offer legal assistance for the creation and alteration of wills in Oklahoma.

Will Laws in Oklahoma

The laws pertaining to wills vary from state to state. It is important to retain an attorney within the state you reside to ensure its validity. In Oklahoma, the person creating the will (the “testator”) must be at least 18 years old. The individual must also be of sound mind. Individuals may run into problems creating wills if they suffer from conditions such as dementia. Creating your will early can prevent these issues.

A written will in Oklahoma that the testator has created, signed, and dated will not need witnesses to be legally valid. An oral will is only valid under limited conditions. For an oral will to have legal standing, it must deal with assets that are less than $1,000 in value. Two witnesses must be present at the making of the oral will. Finally, a testator must make an oral will during actual in-field military service or duty at sea and in actual fear or peril of death. If these conditions don’t apply, the courts may deem an oral will invalid.

How to Create a Will

Creating a will is one of the most important things a person can do for surviving family members and loved ones. Since most people do not know when they will die, create your will as early as possible. It’s never too early to start planning ahead. Having a will can mean significantly less stress on your family members after you pass away. Instead of family discord and complex legal processes, your will can present simple and clear-cut directions regarding the division and ownership of your assets.

There are two types of wills: a living will and a last will and testament. A living will describes the creator’s wishes in the event that he or she enters into an irreversible coma or vegetative state, and cannot communicate his/her wishes. A last will and testament can enable a person to provide for his or her spouse, children, pets, and other loved ones after death, as well as to name a representative of the estate. A representative is necessary to help interpret the will and carry out its orders. The representative can also serve as a plaintiff in a wrongful death case, if necessary.

The lawyers at Bryan & Terrill Law have the means to create living wills and last wills on behalf of clients. We can create full estate plans that include wills, trusts, and power of attorney. We want to help you take care of matters that will arise after your death. Come to us for legal assistance in creating these documents. Generating valid legal estate plans will make things easier on your family when your time comes. To get started, call (918) 935-2777 or visit us online.