Business LetigationEstablishing and maintaining a successful business involves asset protection through active litigation and defending against frivolous lawsuits.

Whether the issue involves a contract dispute or false allegations of wrong-doing, we vigorously represent our clients in all aspects of business and commercial litigation.

Our litigation philosophy aims to maximize the benefit to your business while reducing the burdens that litigation imposes on management.

We also pursue solutions that reduce the possibility that the same issues will continue to present themselves over time. Our strategies aim to resolve issues quickly through decisive litigation tactics that challenge the factual basis of frivolous lawsuits from the outset.

Unlike traditional law firms, our business litigation model is not designed in a way that will burden the client with a never-ending cycle of ever-increasing costs and fees.

The firm is positioned to handle issues on a case-by-case basis through flat-fee agreements based on the anticipated scope of work. We believe this model benefits the client by providing a measure of certainty while incentivizing prompt resolution.